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Rustic Plain Kraft Notebook


Why go with a plain kraft notebook when you can go for one with some more eco rustic features?

As you can see some of the staples are now sporting the rustic look. This is purely a cosmetic issue and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable in using them so we're making it worth your while.

You can now pick up these sets of three notebooks for only £5 per pack.

What will you do with your sets?

You could make some amazing patters like @MarioMartinArt below...


Instagram image of @MarioMartinArt


Customise you notebook cover

For those of you that want to put your own mark on the world, this is the notebook for you. It matches the paper and build quality of our other notebooks without the standout covers.

We want you to make this notebook all about YOU! With a plain blank slate cover, you can create your own design to ensure your version of the plain kraft notebook stands out among the rest.

Can you create your own cover like @ArtyMoik has below

Custom cover on Kraft Notebook by @ArtyMoik on Instagram

We encourage you to share your creations too by posting it to your favourite social media platform with the hashtag #mynotebook


  • 3 x Notebooks in a pack
  • 350gsm Nomad Kraft covers
  • 36 inner cross grid 120gsm Conqueror Brilliant White pages
  • 140x90mm

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