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Seconds Notebooks


Over the past few years we've been creating a lot of notebooks. Sometimes, we have a trial run on notebooks that we decide to update, or they come back from the press with a few irregularities that don't meet the quality standards associated with our pocket notebooks.

This page will update with the different types of notebooks that are available in this category as we go on, there will always be an image/title and description about what is wrong with the notebook or set of notebooks.


Our most popular set! We had a box of Olympus Mon's notebooks that were left in storage from our very first print, and as a result there is some signs of rust on the external part of the staple.

The other notebooks in the set are fine, but the Olympus Mon's have the issue. I suppose we could always say is Mars rust, but we'd rather sell them at a discount.

Cost: £6 per set.

RWD Blank Notebooks

These were the very first set of notebooks we ever did as part of our Responsive Design side project, and effectively launched the Back Pocket notebook brand. These are simple notebooks with the RWD logo on the front and 120gsm blank pages on the inside.

Cost: £2 each.

Sun Notebooks

In the process of developing the Solar System notebook set we produced a run of Sun notebooks with the idea that we would print each celestial body one at a time (early on before we properly understood printing and how to take advantage of the litho plates).

These notebooks are silver foiled on the cover and have some slight irregularities on the data about the Sun (these were pulled from a NASA source, but subsequently updated with an updated NASA source for data on the Sun).

These notebooks were featured in the London Science Museum, pretty awesome.

Cost: £2 each.