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Solar System Notebook Subscription


Each month, for nine months, you will receive a single pocket notebook from the Solar System range starting with the Sun.

The first notebook, the Sun, will be sent in time for Christmas and each planet will follow in the 8 months afterwards.

Each month there after will be sent the next planet in orbit around the sun

    Delivery Date
    Pocket Notebook
    20th December Sun
    20th January Mercury
    20th February Venus
    20th March Earth
    20th April
    20th May
    20th June
    20th July
    20th August


    Every month you'll receive...

    ... a pocket sized notebook for your back pocket (or any other carrying device), with 36 cross grid inner pages. It will also contain a VR card that will allow you to use your phone and a web browser (Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc) to see the planet or Sun in Augmented Reality.

    Once you've collected a couple of cards you can put the next to each other and compare sizes.

    Notebook covers and inside

    Each cover is representative of the ratio in size between each of the objects. The Sun is almost entirely yellow with a very gradual curve on the edge of the notebook. This is the spherical size the Sun would need to be if Mercury was the size it is printed on the Mercury Notebook.

    Along with the size of each planet, they also have their exact title in relation to their orbit around the Sun.

    To peak your knowledge even further, the inside covers contains a set of measurements (rotation, orbit, axis, size, volume, mass etc) along with some interesting facts that will amaze you.


    I missed the start of the subscription, can I start from now?

    Sorry, this is a special for Christmas.

    Can I just get the entire set at once?

    Of course you can, head over to The Solar System Pocket Notebook set and buy it directly.

    The main set comes in a sweet box, do I still get that as part of this?

    The first notebook, the Sun, will be sent out within the box itself. This will leave a lot of room inside the box (it's designed to hold nine notebooks) so I might fill it with a few other notebooks as well.

    I've got an email saying this has been fulfilled, but I haven't got my notebooks yet

    Because these are going to be fulfilled throughout the course of nine months it causes issues within Shopify's systems. Once the order is confirmed, I'll switch it to fulfilled and manage the ongoing send through another system.

    Free postage, amazing. Can I also get tracking?

    You certainly can, but then I'll need to charge you a little bit more for that, it's £3 per parcel (£27 all up).

    Thanks, I'll just stick with the free postage. How is it sent?

    The first package will be sent next day delivery... after all it's in the lead up to Christmas. After that I'll be sending it via Royal Mail 2nd class and it will arrive by the 20th of each month afterwards.

    I'm based outside the UK, can I order the Solar System subscription option?

    Unfortunately due to the cost of a per item send we are not offering this outside of the UK. You can buy the Solar System Pocket Notebook set though and we'll send that to you in a single parcel. Also, if you add another £15 worth of notebooks or pens to the order you qualify for Free Shipping over £50 outside the UK (it's over £20 within the UK).

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