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Solar System Notebooks


Do you ever look up at the night sky and wonder what is up there in the stars?

Did you know that some of those "stars" that you're gazing at aren't actually stars, but instead are planets that are within our very Solar System.

Our Solar System consists of 8 planets and 1 star.  The planets are made up from four rocky and four gas giants, each of which are made up of different elements, different sizes, orbital speeds, mass, moons and interesting facts. Our sun, the star, provides us with everything that we need to live and is the reason you are reading these words today.

This set of 9 notebooks provides you with a scaled version of the Solar System to help you grasp the sheer size of the things like the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and just how insignificant the Earth appears among these others. Each notebook has a inner page with all of the vital information about it's planet (or Sun), and a set of Universal constants on the back page to explain the measurements used.

  • 36 inner dotted 120gsm pages
  • 300gsm cover
  • 140x90mm

 Solar System Notebook Set - The solar system set to scale across nine notebooks | Product Hunt Embed

If you're grabbing a notebook, don't forget to pick up a pen too.