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SpaceX Poster Notebooks

Adventure awaits!

Each cover is a colourful tourist poster from particular areas on Mars and its moons. Inside of each notebook details about each of the featured areas.

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SpaceX Poster Notebooks

Plain Kraft Notebooks

For those of you that want to put your own mark on the world, this is the notebook for you. It matches the paper and build quality of our other notebooks without the standout covers.

Notebook Features

Quality Paper

Quality Paper

We use 350gsm covers and 120gsm pages to provide you with something that will last the hardships of your backpocket
No Batteries Required

No Batteries Required

With a notebook in your back pocket your ideas are forever safe. It's much easier to borrow a pencil than recharge your phone
Learn as you go

Learn as you go

Our sets of notebooks are designed to educate you as you go. Each notebook providing you with more knowledge to help your creative mind get started.

What people are saying

Al Cattell
The notebooks are wonderful. Great quality and thicker than usual paper that makes it just enjoyable to use.

– Al Cattell

Justin Avery
A wonderful set of notebooks reminding us the tenets of responsive design, or just web design as it is now.

– Justin Avery

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