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Day of the Dead

Set of three

The perfect gift for the Day of the Dead
1st — 2nd November

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Solar System Gift Box

Set of nine

Nine pocket sized notebooks neatly packaged in a gift box.

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Lamy Safari

Fountain Pens

The perfect fountain pen to get you started with our pocket notebooks.

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Why Back Pocket Notebooks?

Notebooks that educate

You will learn from the inside cover from each of our sets of pocket notebooks. From planets to the Day of the Dead, and from Colour theory to Constellations — you can always learn more.

Perfect Pocket Notebook

Our notebooks fit perfectly into the back of anyone's pocket, and with our thick covers these are durable against anything you might put them through (except maybe a washing machine).

Quality Paper

All our notebooks use 120gsm certified recycled inner pages to ensure your notes, sketches, or artwork don't bleed or come through on the other side.

Plain Kraft Notebooks

For those of you that want to put your own mark on the world, this is the notebook for you. It matches the paper and build quality of our other notebooks without the standout covers.

Plain Kraft Notebook

Enhance your home page with a video that relates to your process, products, or story.

The Night Sky

Second best selling notebook

If you ever look up at night and ponder at the stars then this is the perfect notebook set for you.

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Always remember your best ideas

Always remember your best ideas

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