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About Us

Back Pocket notebooks were created so you always remember your best ideas.

We believe that a notebook should be synonymous with your mobile phone. It needs no batteries, you can use it during take off and the kids are never going to ask to have it while you're using it.

Back Pocket is a notebook born out of a long conversation with my wife. I've always carried generic notebooks like Moleskines to capture thoughts so when I told my wife I was thinking about doing a set of responsive design focussed notebooks that fit in your back pocket she immediately said

“Well you have to call them Back Pocket notebooks then.”

With that one comment I immediately started jotting down ideas of other kinds of notebooks.

We are launching with the set of 3 Responsive Design Notebooks that stand for the three tenets of Responsive Design and I'm putting the final touches to the second two sets as we launch — the first being another set of 3 notebooks focused on the SpaceX Mars missions; and the second being a set of 9 notebooks about our Solar System.

Each new notebook should serve not only to allow you to capture your ideas but also help you learn. That is why each of the notebooks contain information and inspiration in the same way your favourite books do for you.

We are located in London at Make Space Studios where my wife works as Studio Manager and takes care of our 2 y/o boy Noah. I manage this website and the designs/printing/quality of the notebooks while Laura takes care of the logistics of packing and sending the notebooks.

The notebooks are printed in Brighton, England, by One-Digital.

If you have any questions or have an idea about a future design I'd love to have a chat, and I hope you love using your new notebooks... I'd love to see what you create.