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The Night Sky Notebook Set


This set of pocket notebooks cover the most popular Northern and Southern hemisphere constellations. When you look up at the night sky, it will be the time of year that will determine exactly which of those constellations you will be able to see. Some constellations can always be seen in each hemisphere throughout the year (Ursa Minor and Crux for the Northern and Southern hemisphere respectively).

Constellations were created to allow us to make sensible groupings of the stars and pass that information on through stories. This notebook set feature forty-nine of the eighty-eight modern constellation groupings.

Below is the list of names, meanings, and brightest stars for the constellations used on the covers.

Constellation Meaning Brightest Star
Andromeda The chained lady or the Princess Alpheratz
Aquarius water-bearer Sadalsuud
Aquila eagle Altair
Aries ram Hamal
Auriga charioteer Capella
Boötes herdsman Arcturus
Camelopardalis giraffe β Camelopardalis
Cancer crab Tarf
Canes Venatici hunting dogs Cor Caroli
Canis Major greater dog Sirius
Canis Minor lesser dog Procyon
Capricornus sea goat Deneb Algedi
Cassiopeia Mythological character Shedir
Centaurus centaur Alpha Centauri
Cetus sea monster Deneb Kaitos
Coma Berenices Berenice's hair β Comae Berenices
Crater cup Labrum
Crux southern cross Acrux
Cygnus swan or Northern Cross Deneb
Delphinus dolphin Rotanev
Dorado dolphinfish α Doradus
Draco dragon Etamin
Eridanus river Eridanus (mythology) Achernar
Gemini twins Pollux
Grus Crane Alnair
Hercules Mythological character Kornephoros
Leo lion Regulus
Lepus hare Arneb
Libra balance Zubeneshamali
Lyra lyre / harp Vega
Mensa Table Mountain (South Africa) α Mensae
Ophiuchus serpent-bearer Rasalhague
Orion Orion (mythological character) Rigel
Pavo peacock Peacock
Pegasus Mythological winged horse Enif
Perseus Mythological character Mirfak
Pisces fishes Alpherg
Puppis poop deck Naos
Sagittarius archer Kaus Australis
Scorpius scorpion Antares
Serpens snake Unukalhai
Sextans sextant α Sextantis
Taurus bull Aldebaran
Triangulum Australe southern triangle Atria
Tucana toucan α Tucanae
Ursa Major great bear Alioth
Ursa Minor lesser bear Polaris
Vela sails Regor
Virgo virgin or maiden Spica