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Amelia Durie on Pocket Notebooks

Amelia Durie on Pocket Notebooks

Amelia Durie Pocket Notebooks

For 18 months my wife and I were live in caretakers at a wonderful Art Studio in the heart of London called Make Space Studios. During that time we made friends and shared our lives with some amazing artists from sculptors to mask makers, from interior designers to musicians, and from fashion designers to stationery artists.

When we launched BackPocket Notebooks we were closing in on the end of our time there but I was fortunate to be able to get a few artists to try out the notebooks and provide a little bit of feedback — artists like Amelia Durie.

Unfortunately I chose Amelia at a time when she was most busy with her work but for all your artists out there who want to know how the Notebooks stacked up here is some feedback for you:

The notebook is great, although I haven't used it much since as I've been busy working for a gallery in London. But one thing I did notice is that the quality of the paper is really good- thicker than normal note taking paper. 
As an artist I wouldn't choose it for sketching  regularly as I'd use a larger sketchbook with thicker art or watercolour paper but it's a great size and quality for keeping in my handbag and using for quick ideas notes and sketches when I'm on the move. (At exhibitions etc.)

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