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Custom Notebooks

Back Pocket Notebooks started out with us wanting to print a set of Responsive Design Notebooks and not being able to find somewhere that was both affordable and produced a quality notebook that you would be proud to say is your own.

Twenty-one different pocket notebook covers later and we still love creating new designs for our own customers and are now working with others to help make their own dreams a reality.

Our paper is sourced and printed within the UK but we have worked with customers in Europe (Germany), the United States, Australia and potentially <add your country here>.

How we can help with Custom Notebooks?

If you have a detailed idea about the size, paper type, colour, and full design files ready to go we can help you out.

If you have no idea about the physical product but have the designs ready, we can help you out.

If you have a vague idea about what you want but need help getting it designed, typeset, help choosing stocks and finishes... then you are exactly where Justin was three years ago and we can definitely help you out.

Custom Notebook Costs

A lot of variables go into the cost of the final notebook. It depends on

  • Number of copies
  • Number of pages
  • Number of colours (if using Litho printing)
  • Type of printing (foiling, embossing, Litho, or Digital print)
  • Paper quality and weight (all our own notebooks are a slightly better quality and thicker paper than you would usually find. It makes for a more expensive product, but a beautiful notebook)

We can help find a solution that fits your budget but you can expect to pay anywhere between £0.80p to £4.25 per custom notebook (but mostly between £1.20 — £2.45 per notebook).

Take a look at our latest custom conference pocket notebooks for Beyond Tellerrand.

Custom Pocket Notebooks Black Foil Cover


Custom Pocket Notebooks Inner Cover


Custom Pocket Notebooks Inner Back Cover


Custom Pocket Notebooks Inner Back Cover


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