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Nintendo Cardboard Switch

Nintendo Cardboard Switch

Nintendo Labo - Cardboard Toys

Nintendo have outdone themselves again and continued to show that they’re all about fun and play first and foremost with their unveiling of the Nintendo Labo, a cardboard physical extension to their Switch console.

Ever since a trip to the Adobe Creative Conference last year where I came across the International Paper booth I’ve been looking to do something a little more with paper. 

The booth had a series of A3 sheets that were printed and precut in a way that you could fold and piece together a little robot. There were 5 kinds of robots - one for each of the CMYK colours and another as “Printer Marks”. They had an accompanying app which created an Augmented Reality experience where the robot spoke to you and explained about the colour and paper.... very clever.

I've been looking at whether the covers or an insert could be created to do something similar, but at the moment it’s proving difficult to get something substantial out of a pocket sized product.

Nintendo, however, are REALLY coming to the party with these cardboard creations that allow you to create a piano, robots, fishing rod, and other curious tools to extend an electronic game into the physical space.

We will continue to explore this as well and hope to have something ready for you to fold and build in the next couple sets of pocket notebooks.


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