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Colour Theory Notebooks


One of my earliest memories from primary school was an Art class with the year sevens. We were each partnered up with an older kid to create a pirate drawing which involved us laying down in a giant roll of butchers paper while the older kids traced around us.

We were then given a bottle of Red, Blue, and Yellow paint to mix together and create the colours we needed to paint our pirate anyway we wanted — it was the start of understanding colour theory.

I remember having a list of mixtures/portions to create the colours we needed, and things are not too much different now that I'm in the business of creating and printing notebooks.

This set of colour theory pocket notebooks pays respect to the CMYK colour that I've become accustomed to after switching from an RGB digital world into the print world.

There are four notebooks in this set, one for each of the colours in CMYK. These colours include

  1. Cyan
  2. Magenta
  3. Yellow
  4. blacK

By varying the amount of each colour mixed together we get the range of colours that you will see on the inside covers.

The inside covers in this set showcase a range of aspects in colour theory including a colour wheel, colour mixtures, the emotional connection each colour makes and the theory of colour matching.

This is the perfect gift for any designer.