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Cricket Notebooks


This set of cricket notebooks is the perfect gift for any sporting fan (but most likely someone who either loves cricket or hates not knowing a lot of the rules).

The cover outlines the many different fielding positions which include

  1. Third man
  2. Point
  3. Cover
  4. Mid off
  5. Mid On
  6. Mid Wicket
  7. Square Leg
  8. Fine Leg

... of which are then broken down into names like long, backwards, square, short, silly, fine... even the infamous cow corner makes an appearance.

There are two variants on the notebooks and you can choose to have one of each or both the same. The first notebook is the standard cricket notebook, whereas the second notebook celebrates a cricket rivalry that involves where I was born (Australia) and where I now live (England) — The Ashes. On the Ashes cricket notebook, the cricket ground on the back page flies the flag of England and Australia while above it is the news article printed back on 30th August 1882 announcing the end of English Cricket.

The news article read

An Affectionate Remembrance
English Cricket,
which died at the Oval
29th August, 1882
Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends and acquaintances.
R. I. P
N.B. — The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.

As with all of our pocket notebooks, there is something more to learn on the inside covers. In our Cricket notebook edition, we cover the ten methods of dismissal in the game of cricket and include an explanation on each. For those of you that are unsure of what the ten ways then get your copy today and find out.... or just read on ;)

  1. Bowled
  2. Timed out
  3. Caught
  4. LBW
  5. Stumped
  6. Run out
  7. Hit wicket
  8. Obstructing the field
  9. Handling the ball
  10. Hit ball twice

This is a fantastic set of pocket notebooks and perfect for any cricket sporting fan.


  • 2 x notebooks in a pack
  • 36 inner cross grid 120gsm pages
  • Accent Antique Magnolia 300gsm cover
  • 140x90mm