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EC Woodard Illustrated Notebooks


Anthropomorphic characters occupy E.C Woodard’s work, often manipulated into telling a humorous or ominous story.

The influences of artists from the Golden Age are clearly suggested in her work, from the fine-line pen work to the warm sepia tones. Capturing the romance and the deep, rich histories from bygone times, she shrewdly weaves into the fabric of her illustrations.

Her work is bold, full and finished off with touches of gold and silver leaf adding another layer of luxury to her designs.

These are available as individual items at the A5 size with your choice of three notebooks features three of my favourite Emily Woodard illustration prints, two of them are hanging on the wall in my daughters room.

Ever since I started creating notebooks I've been keen to feature Emily's wonderful and whimsical illustrations on the covers, and now we have the perfect set for your perfect notebook.