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Space X Notebook Proofs are back from the printers

Space X Notebook Proofs are back from the printers

Our Mars SpaceX notebooks have been proofed and are being printed, cut, and stapled as we speak.

Finishing will take another week then they'll available to buy... woohoo!

Here's a post from Instagram below, you should follow us if you don't already.

What's in the notebooks?

Just like our Responsive Design notebooks there is 36 inner pages on 120gsm paper, however we've also included a faint cross grid. I've been using the proofs for the past week and having the grid points there is a lot more helpful with writing and sketching alike.

We've changed the covers this time around though, it's printed on GF Smith Accent Antique Magnolia 300gsm paper which looks and feels wonderful.

The notebook inner covers detail some interesting facts about Phobos & Deimos, Valles Marineris, and Olympus Mons while the back cover has a set of Universal Constants (Speed of Light, Gravity, Roche limit, Astronomical Unit and more).

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