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Back Pocket Presents: a pilot project

Back Pocket Presents: a pilot project

I’m really excited to announce that a few wonderful artists are using BackPocket Notebooks as a pilot project to find how well they perform.

So far the feedback has been all positive for the Responsive Design Notebooks, however the target market for those will fall mostly towards digital folks who for the most part may take notes & sketch wireframes.

I wanted these notebooks to be practical and useful for _everyone_ and _all_ uses. Fortunately I currently live onsite at an Art Studio where my wife is the Studio Manager and I was able to ask a few of my favourite artists if they would be interested in trialling the notebooks.

The scope of the favour was essentially

“Here’s a notebook — please be creative or practical — paint a Picasso or make a shopping list, and let me know what you think.”

The artists

Below is a preview of the first three artists that are taking place. If you know someone that might be interested please get in touch.

Emily Woodward

Emily is now a freelance fine artist and illustrator. Her work is inspired by her love of animals, the countryside and Victoriana. She is directly influenced by illustrators of the golden age, such as Arthur Packham and Sir John Tennial. She has completed commissions for The Times, The Guardian, Random House and Harper Collins to name a few

Hiroko Imada

Hiroko works in various different media such as printmaking, painting, and site specific installation and has lectured at universities including University College London, University of the Arts London, as well as at art colleges and colleges of further education throughout the UK. She also specialises in teaching Japanese woodblock printing, paper making, folded screen making and hanging scroll making, and she established a Japanese woodblock printing course at the British Museum.

Amelia Durie

Observer of life, secret places and everyday strangers.
Amelia graduated with BA (Hons) Fine Art from Wimbledon Art college in 2014 and now lives and works in London.

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