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2019 New Look at the Solar System

2019 New Look at the Solar System


I've been toiling away over the Christmas Holidays and have the final boxes ready for the Solar System Set of notebooks.

For those of you that might not have been around since the beginning I'll give you a reminder about what these notebooks are and when the idea arrived.

Shortly after the success of the SpaceX Notebooks I wanted to do more space themed items and the Solar System Notebook set idea was conceived. I created the Sun notebook to start with, almost entirely yellow with just a hint of the Sun's outer edge running along the front edge of the notebook.

The rest of the planets were then created to scale based on the size/diameter of the Sun notebook, and on the inside of each of the notebooks contain facts about that particular celestial body and it's reference to Earth (again, for scale).

These notebooks are done now, but it was really hard to put them into a container/belly wraps to put on the shelves and send to folks like yourself. I then embarked on finding something that would contain them as a product, but something that would also be kept for more uses afterwards (I hate waste).

The journey for packaging has taken a lot long than I had anticipated, but I'm happy to say they're almost ready to go out now.

To celebrate this I'm going to add another little touch to the set of notebooks, and that is to include some markers for each of the planets which will then allow you to compare the size of the planets next to each other, but this time via Augmented Reality.

Jupiter next to Earth in Augmented Reality


I'm really excited at how they're going to look alongside the existing layouts of the notebooks that you can also see below (although please note that Saturn and Uranus are not to scale in those trial versions, the planet was sized but included the width of the rings in the scale which means they are much bigger in the final version).


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