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Beyond Tellerrand

Beyond Tellerrand
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My most favourite conference is Beyond Tellerrand in Germany. The conference is organised by just one person, Marc Thiele, and year after year he is able to make it just as special as the first time I attended.

This year I'm not able to make it to the Dusseldorf conference because my wife will be a couple weeks away from her due date (our second) so instead I wanted to try and help play a little part in the conference.  Marc always takes the stage with a notebook full of his notes about who is speaking, who to thank and what is happening over the two days. I thought a RWD Notebook would be a perfect addition ;)

I urge you to get a ticket and head to Germany for the best conference on the circuit.

I guess with these lovely notebooks planning of the next events is done already. Thanks Justin Avery!

A photo posted by marc thiele (@marcthiele) on

Thanks for posting the picture Marc, and I hope the planning goes well!

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