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Authentic Mole Skin Notebooks

Authentic Mole Skin Notebooks

Authentic Mole Skin Notebooks

One of my favourite ways to procrastinate while I should be working on our pocket notebooks is to click through the pages of Kick Starter.

I've backed a number of projects in the past, usually ones that are something space related with the latest ones being a set glass spheres of the Milky Way and Universe...

During the week I spend a bit of time on twitter and navigating the web and this new site which is a parody of Kick Starter stood out.

Flop Starter is a platform of terrible ideas and allows you to submit your own idea as well (chocolate tea pot anyone?). There's ideas for potato skin jackets, 1D printer, coconut shampoo for your coconuts.... it's nuts.

One of my favourite ideas from the list is an authentic mole skin notebook made from the skin of real moles.

Pretty gross.

Now we don't condone the harm of any Moles, we find them incredibly sweet and cuddly (although quite annoying on the cricket oval or golf course), but I do like the puns on the site.

You never know, maybe we'll make a set of pocket notebooks made out of old pant back pockets..... there's a flop starter idea if I've ever heard one.

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