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How we are affiliated with Avery

How we are affiliated with Avery

The short story, we’re not.

At least not in the way that you might expect.

AVERY is a company that has been around for a long time and there is every chance that you will have purchased a set of their famous AVERY labels, and if not you can be sure you’ve received something that was using an AVERY label.

So what is Back Pocket’s link to AVERY? Why is this even an article?

Well, I get a report each week to detail how this site is performing on search engines, mainly Google. The report tells me what terms are being used to find us, and where we are ranking for those terms.

One of the terms it seems people have been using are AVERY Notebooks, and recently I’ve been getting emails asking why our range of pocket notebooks can not be found on the AVERY site.

The only link is that my surname happens to be Avery, and that appears on most of the pages in the site (although my first name is Justin and I don’t get a bunch of Bieber fans asking for Bieber Notebooks)

So there you go, while Back Pocket is heavily/entirely associated with Justin Avery, it has nothing to do with AVERY labels (although we do use them for printing postage stickers when we send you the notebooks you buy).




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