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How to draw Dia de los Muertos skull

Day of the Dead Notebooks

The Dia de los Muertos skull, or commonly known as a Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead Skull/that skull thing from the film Coco, is a wonderful colourful piece of art that anyone can draw.

The day of the dead falls so close to Halloween that you can probably get away with getting these decorations up now and double up on their enjoyment.

The reason I'm writing this quick post is because my little boy Noah showed me this tutorial while he was doing his almost-daily drawing process using Art for Kids Hub.

For those of you that haven't come across the Art for Kids Hub channel (and with 3.25 million subscribers I'll be surprised if you haven't), it's a very charismatic guy who partners up with a younger kid each week to draw something. They use a sheet of paper and a sharpie and he goes through each step of the drawing using basic shapes. The young child with them follows along and you can see how each of the drawings develop side by side.

Noah, who turned 7 in September, has been doing these since the UK went into lockdown in March and the schools first closed. We have literally hundreds of drawings in the house now, many of which are done across the pocket notebooks he keeps "borrowing" from our home studio.

Below is the tutorial that we will both be following together this weekend.


But what about if you're more of a digital drawing person? Well I've got you covered too.

You Can Draw This SKULL in PROCREATE - Easy Procreate Drawing Tutorial

I'm a huge fan on the Art with Flo You Tube channel in which Flo takes you through a bunch of different tutorials to provide you with the foundation you need to create amazing art using procreate.

See the tutorial below on how to draw the sugar skull for the Day of the Dead.

You might be wondering why a notebook business spends time looking at the creation of content on a digital product like the ipad, but the truth is this is where 90% of our products are developed (the others like our Coffee Cup Notebooks and 27 Club notebooks are illustrated by hand through some of our favourite artists).

We do of course use our own notebooks in the development of the initial ideas and scribbling sketches, but the final artwork is done digitally (these days on the ipad with Procreate, but previously on a mac with Illustrator).

Coco goes big with Day of the Dead

With the release of the Disney Pixar film Coco the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull design reached an even more mainstream audience. We even came across two amazing prints from artist Stacey Aoyama which you can see below.

Coco Day of the Dead Poster Image

Coco Day of the Dead Skull Poster

If you haven't seen the movie, that's another thing you can do this month in the lead up too.

Of course, you can also pick yourself up a Day of the Dead Notebook to do all these drawings as well.

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