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Why we went dash over dot grid notebooks

The decision you make about what you put on the inside pages of your notebooks can make or break a sale, and even a life time customer.

The obvious options are

  • Blank pages
  • Line rule pages
  • Grid rule pages
  • Dot grid pages
  • Dash grid pages

We decided to go with a really light cool grey dash grid for our inner pages because it's the exact kind of inner page paper that I wanted to use and, let's face it, if I'm going to be left with thousands of unsold notebooks I should at least enjoy them (fortunately that didn't happen).

Dash Grid

The dash grid is light enough for me to ignore it completely when I'm sketching landscapes, but provides me with with some structure when I'm sketching the layout of a website module.

The extra tiny dash also gives me the starter for drawing grid lines when I need them, and keeps me a little more balanced when I'm writing content. It also got away from every other notebook using dot grid lines, a point of difference if you were.

This point of difference doesn't define back pocket notebooks though, we also went with a much lighter colour for the dash grid and for anyone that has used one of our notebooks you will agree that it really all comes down to the paper.

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