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Limited Edition Pocket Notebook - Australia Bushfires

Limited Edition Pocket Notebook - Australia Bushfires

While these days I call the UK home I'm still an Australian, so when the country was gripped with the world's worse bushfires recorded I felt helpless.

Aside from donating money to various causes in Australia I wanted Back Pocket Notebooks to provide additional help through both awareness raising and donations.

These illustrations tell a harrowing tale of the awful conditions which the helpless Australian wildlife have faced. The should act as a reminder that what we are doing today has a significant impact on the worlds environment, and it's not always us that will suffer the immediate effects.

Back Pocket are donating all profits from the sales of these notebooks to the WWF Bushfire fund that will help:

  • Wildlife response - including partnering with wildlife response organisations, communities and scientists nationally for a swift and effective response and recovery at scale.
  • Habitat restoration for people and nature - including restoring forests and damaged wildlife habitat, stopping deforestation, including cultivating habitat connectivity, core habitat and Indigenous and rural fire management.
  • Future-proofing Australia - including driving innovative solutions to help mitigate climate change, driving climate preparedness, species adaptation and long-term wildlife and nature conservation efforts towards securing Australia’s natural resources for people and nature.

We will be producing these notebooks in the UK as well as in Australia and will be working with our paper manufacturers and print family to lower the cost of producing the notebooks to maximise the donations.






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