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How to use a pocket notebook in lockdown?

How to use a pocket notebook in lockdown?

Using a notebook while in lockdown

I thought now is as good a time as any to go through some of the uses you can have for notebooks while we're all under lock-down.

  • Create a shopping list (of non-hoarding items — you only need the same things as before)
  • Write down a daily schedule — planning helps reduce panic
  • Play hangman with the kids (but don't actually hang your kids, even now the schools have closed)
  • Start up birdwatching a write down the different birds you see (for New York and London people I'll get you started.... Pigeon, Pigeon, Pigeon)
  • Write down any anxieties you have about the Corona Virus... getting them on paper will help you deal with them
  • Set up a mood tracker to see how you're feeling each day.
  • Create an exercise diary and stick to it. The gyms might be closed but you can create a treadmill with a kitchen floor and some washing up liquid ;) — also you can go outside, just stay away from people.
  • Write a short letter to your neighbours (but wash your hands first, the virus can last on some surfaces for up to three days)
  • Start to draw — the 100 day project is coming up so it's perfect to start getting in the habit of practising
  • Practice your calligraphy, there's tonnes of great resources online
  • Jot down your new business ideas. This situation is going to fundamentally change the way in which the world operates and how your job works... capture your ideas about how you can best take advantage of that.
  • Keep a journal — these are some of, if not the strangest times of our lives. Keep a note of how your feeling and what is happening in the world, the reflections on those thoughts will be invaluable in years to come.


Finally, depending where you are you can always use them for toilet paper in an absolute pinch, although I'd suggest that the paper is far too nice for that area and the risk of paper cuts.... OUCH!

How are you using your notebooks during quarantine?

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