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Elemental Paper Notebooks closing down

Elemental Paper Notebooks closing down

While searching through the various threads on r/notebooks today I came across the sad news that is closing down and only the current stock of notebooks are still available.

As someone who loves science, which can be seen through some of our space notebooks range, I loved the elemental notebooks and their journey through all the elements in the periodic table.

The design of the notebooks were really clever too, with the atomic element shown like the solar system on the front page (Bohr model), and the best part was the way in which they printed the outside edge of the pages.

Every element has it’s own emission spectrum, and these are printed on the edge of the paper so that you can see them when the notebook is closed.  It’s such a beautifully designed touch.

We wish the team at Elemental Paper all the luck in their future endeavours, and hope to see them producing more sciency stuff sometime in the future.

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