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Pocket Notebook Covers

Pocket Notebook Covers

A couple of weeks ago I received a ping through Instagram to tell me that someone had tagged me in a post.

I was delighted to see that Tommy Morton had not only just purchased our set of Night Sky notebooks, but he then made a cover to hold them in.

Two Pocket Notebook Covers with Night Sky Notebooks inside

These are one of my favourite types of pocket notebook covers for a few reasons.

  1. They're made of leather, so they will wear over time and only improve
  2. These notebook covers are perfectly designed to fit our notebooks, but will also be a moleskine notebook cover too (and Field Notes and anything else that comes around the A6 size)
  3. The covers can hold the notebook by the back page only, therefore still allowing for our amazing cover art to be seen, and the inner cover to be read.

If you're looking for your very own set of leather notebook covers then you can pick yourself one up from Tommy's Etsy store. I'm going to work with Tommy over the next few months to see if there's a couple changes I can make and then get a few listed on this site as well.

Here are some more pictures....

Pocket notebook cover closed

Pocket notebook cover - open with the night sky notebook

Pocket notebook cover closed and open

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